Testimonials and Reviews

Our practice exists to help people who suffer from chronic pain. We recognize that living in pain is devastating to all aspects of a person’s life and can lead to additional health problems as well as emotional and psychological issues. Our physicians are trained and board-certified in treating and managing pain and our facilities offer all of the latest in diagnostic and treatment procedures. We strive to treat each and every person with the urgency and expertise their pain demands. Our ultimate goal is to permanently reduce or eliminate your pain and let you return to an active, enjoyable lifestyle.

It’s easy to explain procedures and treatment options and make promises. The only thing that really matters, though, is the results we actually achieve. We’ve been helping patients for nearly twenty years and they’ve seen that we deliver on our promises. They’ve seen results.

Testimonials and Reviews

Millicent Koch

The only professional office with a 4-star rating.

Nadine Herling

You are friendly, efficient and you relieved my pain, I think you are great.

Karen Booth

I felt at ease from the moment I walked in! What a friendly, courteous, professional staff you are!

Olivia Blecka

All staff very friendly and helpful.

Mari Elena Guido

Shazam! Dr. Reinhart hit the bullseye. Already felt the benefit. Thank You.

Barbara Donaldson

Advanced Pain Management personnel are terrific.

Luna Bowers

As usual, Dr. Reinhart has shown nothing but concern for me. I've been in a lot of pain and he, along with the wonderful staff have helped me!!!! Thank you, Thank you.

Barbara Metzger

I would recommend this facility to anyone.